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Korea is an exciting tourist destination with many interesting places to visit and many different cultures to experience. To explore Korea's diversified and unique heritage, various kinds of tour packages are provided below as an option especially for our accompanying participatns. Those who wish to join the tours are advised to register in advance.

Tour Reservation Deadline: May 1, 2016

• All tour programs are requiring minimum person and if minimum number of persons is not reached, the program can be cancelled or substituted by another program with notice to participants, or may proceed at an altered rate with the consent of all participants.

• Credit card info is required to secure your reservation and tour fee will be paid by given credit card when the tour confirmed with the minimum person for each tour.

Date /Time June5(Sun), 2016/ 09:00 ~ 18:00
Price KRW 153,000/Person (Min. 10 People)
Itinerary Silleuksa temple - Mok-a Museum - Lunch - IcheonCerapia(Ceramic making class) - Lotte Premium Outlet Icheon
Conditions - Including all admission fees - Transportation by bus - With an English speaking guide assistance - Including lunch

Silleuksa temple

DMZ Tour
Silleuksa Temple features countless relics and remains, awe-inspiring scenery, the Geumeun Sand Zone, and Silleuksa Temple. Silleuksa Temple is also referred to as the byeokjeol (‘walled temple’ because it has a pagoda made entirely of bricks). The pagoda was erected by the renowned Buddhist monk Wonhyo during the Silla Kingdom, and is visited by many who are drawn to the beautiful natural scenery along the banks of the Namhangang River.

Mok-A Museum

DMZ Tour
The Mok-A Museum, designated as intangible cultural asset No. 108, was established by Park Chan-su with the purpose of handing down traditional Buddhist art and traditional woodcraft techniques. The four-story museum contains an outdoor sculpture park.
The exhibition displays that remain include Buddhist statues, paintings and sculptures, as well as the works of director Park Chan-su, including many Buddhist woodcrafts. The outdoor sculpture park displays Buddhist statues such as Mireuksamjondaebul, Birojanabul, Baeuigwaneum, and a three-story pagoda.